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The discussion forum that used to be here is currently offline due to spam. Registration for the discussion forum is also offline.

While we consider what is the best way to socially engage with our study, and await legislative changes coming to popular social media like Facebook and Twitter in 2021/2022, please feel free to use the comment section below to provide website feedback or engage in a discussion on topic with improving long-term care, older adult care, or research in older adult or long-term care. The following privacy policy and code of conduct information is still applicable. We still do not collect or store your personal information. Contact information is required to post a comment, and cookies may be applied by WordPress by choosing the “save information” option to aid in filling in form information but is not kept by this website’s administrators or used or displayed. Provided names are displayed with comments. Entering personal web page details with your comment is not mandatory nor is it shown in the comment. We do not recommend sharing websites as part of comments if not entirely necessary as most comments posted with unknown links will be automatically rejected until a relationship with our website administrators is established. Comments must be approved by one of our researchers before they appear on this website. Approval may take up to a week. Feel free to check back frequently!

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