About Patient Oriented Rersearch

What is Patient-Oriented Research?

Patient-oriented research is research done in partnership with patients, answers research questions that matter to patients, and aims to improve health care (Saskatchewan Center for Patient-Oriented Research, 2019).

The level of engagement between researchers and patients can vary from research project to research project.  A patient can be:

  • Informed: Patients are provided balanced and objective information to assist them in understanding the problem and potential solutions.
  • Consulted: Patients provide feedback on the research project and decisions.
  • ​Involved: Patients work with researchers directly throughout the process to ensure that their viewpoints are understood and considered.
  • Collaborated With: Patients are partners in each aspect of the research project.

The goal of this way of doing research is to have patients, families, clinicians, researchers and policy-makers work together to identify research topics, do the research and then use the results of that research to improve patient care and the health system (Saskatchewan Center for Patient-Oriented Research, 2019).

Where Can I Go to Get More Information?

The Canadian Institute of Health Research and the Saskatchewan Center for Patient-Oriented Research are excellent sources of information about patient-oriented research. Use the links below to guide you to web pages hosted by each organization.

How Can I Get Involved as a Patient?

If you live in Saskatchewan you can connect with the Saskatchewan Center for Patient-Oriented Research directly by phone or email. They will keep you in touch with someone who can direct you to training opportunities and put you in touch with researchers where your experiences as a patient can make a difference.

Saskatchewan Center for Patient-Oriented Research
Phone: 306 966-2550
Email: scpor@usask.ca

Coming Soon: A web page by SCPOR dedicated to specific types of research and a call out to specific kinds of patients who can get involved!

We Have Patient Family Collaborators On Our Team

The aim of our research project is to have patients involved on the collaborative level, that is patients are involved with each and every aspect of the research project from the design of the research questions to participating and informing data collection to analysis of the data through to disseminating the research findings. Please read the stories and experiences of our patient family collaborators specific to this research project. Then visit their profiles on our research team page.

Candace Skrapek
Research Collaborator

At a future date, Candace will share some thoughts with us on how she feels about working in patient-oriented research and on this project.

Our Research Project Was Funded Through Grants Sponsored By Patient-Oriented Research Organizations, Providing Opportunities and Direction for Patient-Oriented Research.

Here are a handful of additional resources on patient-oriented research:

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The right decisions need the right voices – Monica R McLemore, Esther K Choo (Requires login, free)

SPORcasts featured podcast: Patient Leaders: Helene Campbell, a Double Double Lung Transplant Recipient and Patient – by SPORcast

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